Monday, July 15, 2013

I Tried to Stop

About 2 months ago I decided that I had tired of blogging, subscription boxes, the whole nine yards. I do have a short attention span. And when I made this decision it was during the last month of school and everything was quite hectic. But try as I might, I still found myself looking at Popsugar and Sample Society reviews on other people's blogs. I tried to tell myself that those really weren't things I needed or wanted (like that worked). So here I am blogging away waiting on my next Popsugar box. Unfortunately, when I decided to renew my subscription it was too late for the August box so I am going to have to impatiently wait for the September Popsugar box. It does say that I'm on a waiting list so if they have some August boxes open up I may get one. If you are thinking about subscribing to Popsugar, be sure to use the code REFER5 to get $5 off your first order.

To celebrate my return to blogging, I am giving away a surprise box of health and beauty stuff. Click here to enter (begins on 7/16/2013):