Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tuesday Realities

I leave from a long day at school. My daughter has been sick today at my parents' house so I pick her up and sing sweet songs to her all the way home to make her feel better. We enter our house. I take her upstairs, tuck her into bed, and lovingly place a bed tray with all her favorite snacks, hot tea, cough drops.

I head outside to our four dogs' kennels. While twirling around in a dance, I get the kennels sparkling clean and feed each dog a gourmet meal of their favorite raw meats. My husband is on the road coming back from Indianapolis. I call him and gently ask him if there is anything he needs me to do. He needs an invoice. Done! He needs me to put some vehicles on the internet. Done! He needs several other tasks done for his business. Done, done, done! All while doing laundry, taking care of my daughter, cooking the perfect supper.....keeping perfectly calm, whistling a cheerful tune.....

Ummmm, really? Keep dreaming! Here's how it really went down:

Left school terribly tired, feet hurting, mind exhausted. Picked up sick daughter, didn't sing on the way home. Got home, told daughter to go upstairs and lay down (I did manage to give her some medication to help her feel better minus the lovely snack tray). Decided to grill hot wings for supper. Sat down for about 5 minutes to try and collect myself. Went to the dogs, scooped what poop I could, fed them dry food since I'd forgotten to set any meat out to thaw. Husband calls...needs invoice. Husband calls....need me to list cars online. Husband calls...needs me to dispatch cars that I listed 20 minutes earlier. Husband calls...need bill of lading for his load sent to his phone. Husband calls, husband calls, HUSBAND CALLS!!!!! And why did I think it was a great idea to wash sheets this afternoon? I'm trying to grill chicken wings (another awesome idea!). I'm trying to get all this paperwork done. I want to have supper for my children at a decent hour (6:30 would be great). I yell at husband over the phone more than once. I'M TRYING TO GET THIS ALL DONE! Husband will be home at 9:00 and needs me to pick him up. Dirty dishes everywhere, son is trying to write a speech that he has known about...Mom, do you have notecards, this is due tomorrow! Wings are burning on grill.....didn't I put my sheets on to wash?....


The evening turns out:

  • The dogs don't care what they eat, they love me anyway and thought their food WAS a gourmet meal. They will have meat tonight.
  • The kids and I ate supper at about 8:30. Not as early as I'd planned but it was delicious.
  • I got all the paperwork done. Invoice made, cars listed and dispatched, bill of lading sent to Hubby's phone. Hubby got an apology for me yelling and he was understanding.
  • Helped Hubby unload his cars from his truck and brought him back home where he was DELIGHTED to find a plate full of hot wings waiting.
  • Dirty dishes eventually got done.
  • Daughter was feeling better and helped me out with some housework.
  • Son finished his speech (on home made notecards from printer paper).
  • Somehow I remembered to dry the sheets earlier and got them on the bed around midnight.
I fell asleep a little after midnight and woke up at 5:00 am ready to go again and thankful for all I have. I love my family, my dogs, my home, my job, even if I do get overwhelmed sometimes and things aren't perfect.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nearing 40, Thinking About My Hopes and Dreams

In the very short span of 2 months, I will reach that pinnacle of life known as "The 40's". Yes, it makes me nervous. Yes, it makes me ponder about my life.

What have I NOT done? I have a mental list of what I have not done and it seems to be longer than I'd like.

AHHHHH, half my life is over and I've still got SO MUCH I want to do!

Another time I will make a list, but right now I want to think about art. Once upon a time I was an Art Major in college. I loved art, considered myself an artist. But then I switched to Education, then became a Librarian, had two kids, etc. etc. etc.

My art? It has been dormant for going on 20 years! Ack!

I really want to have a pottery studio. I would like to give classes at night and on the weekends. My problem? Always $$$$.

I came across this cool website called where you can set up a personal fundraiser. I thought, what the heck? Someone might help me with my pottery studio dream! If you'd like to donate, please do so below. If not, positive thoughts for my art dream are appreciated! If you'd like to share this on your social network, that would be awesome!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Popsugar Must Have Special Edition Resort Box

Woohoo! A new special edition Popsugar Must Have Box!

Popsugar has announced a new special edition box due to ship on March 31. It boasts having "Luxurious Must Have Finds." It didn't take me long to cave!

Hey, $250 worth of stuff for $100? No brainer!

Great Deals at Ulta

I order quite a bit from Not only do they have great prices, they also offer awesome promotions.

One such promotion is going on right now. Off and on, Ulta will give you free makeup for ordering their makeup! How great is that? Whether you love Ulta and need to stock up or whether you are on the fence and want to give it a try, this promotion is for you.

Today through 2/22/14 when you spend $19.50 on select Ulta cosmetics, you will get a free 14 piece Ulta collection. Click here for the is great offer!

Also, in addition to the free offer, you can put in the coupon code 209963 for 20% off any one item. If you spend $50 or more shipping is free.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Popsugar Must Have February 2014

Ahhhhh, the Popsugar Must Have box, my favorite subscription box. No other box out there (at least not one that I've found) offers such a high value with full size products for the price.

At $39.99 per month (free shipping), I have never gotten a box that was valued at under $100. Other boxes try to compete, but they just can't hold a candle to Popsugar. (And no, Popsugar is not paying me to say this, I just love it that much!).

Here is what I got in my February 2014 Popsugar Must Have box:

Overall, I'd say there was a pretty good haul for February.

There was a Gorjana Brooks Jewelry Roll. Mine was in Berry. Whenever I travel, I usually just throw my jewelry into a side pocket on my suitcase and it ends up tangled. Or worse, I forget about it and find the earrings, rings, etc., a year later! This may come in handy. ARV $45.00

My favorite thing from this box was the Nourish Organic Pure Hydrating Argan Serum. I'm at the ripe old age of 39 and beginning to see some lines around the eye area, so anything that will keep me looking closer to 30 than 40 is welcome! ARV $23.99

The Modelo Lip Pops Duo Lip Gloss and Lipstick is nice. There have been many times when I have had lipstick but wished I had lip gloss and vice versa. Now I don't have to wish anymore! I couldn't find this by itself, only in a set. If I divide out the price, one tube would be $12.25.

During this tremendously cold winter (which this Southern girl is NOT accustomed to!), the smell of fresh peonies was a welcome treat! Popsugar included a K Hall Designs Peony Travel Candle. It is made of vegetable wax and has 20 hours of burn time. ARV $11.00

What is Valentine's Day without red nail polish? Popsugar made sure we were covered by including NCLA Rodeo Drive Royalty Nail Polish. It's a very rich red. ARV $16.00

Cinnamon mini hearts? Perfect for February! Sugarwish Mini Red Cinnamon Hearts are packaged in a fancy little box that would be perfect for gifting or eating. This is sold in a box of four candies for $25, so the ARV of the mini hearts would be $6.25.

I'm not so sure why everyone was so upset about getting the Dial body wash. It is listed as a "Special Extra". It smells good and I'm always needing more body wash! ARV $3

I get the total value of this box as $117.49!

I thought it was a great box and I will use everything included. I love getting a bargain and this was no exception!

Want a box of your own?

Head on over to Popsugar and sign up today.

Use code BOX10 for $10 your first box.

Valentine's Day 2014 Freebies and Deals

There are some great freebies and deals out there for Valentine's Day 2014!

Check them out!


Buy one espresso or tea latte and get one free at participating coffee shops from 2 to 5 p.m. on Friday. No coupon is necessary.

Boston Market:

Free dessert with meal purchase. Print the coupon


 Pick up a free Hello My Name is Strawberry Cheesecake Stick in stores, no purchase neccessary! Valid 2/14/14

Krispy Kreme: 

Free dozen Valentine cards each good for a free doughnut of any variety with the purchase of a dozen doughnuts

Outback Steakhouse:

$5 off two meals with this printable coupon

Free Valentine's Day Printables:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Win Ulta BB Cream Beauty Balm!

Yes, that's right. A giveaway! Don't you love free stuff?

You can win a tube of Ulta BB Cream Beauty Balm in Light plus I will probably throw in some extra surprises!

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