Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Popsugar Must Have Items for Sale or Trade

I have the following items for trade/sale from recent Popsugar Must Have boxes:

(1) Sorial Saffiano Wallet on a Chain $25
(1)The Secret Recipes by Dominique Ansel $10
(2) Wine Glass Writers 3-pack $5/each
(1)Subtle Speckled Metallic Scarf $25

Let me know what you have as I am open to trades!

Friday, November 21, 2014

InStyler Party From Vocal Point

I am SO, SO excited! 

Reason? I got chosen by Vocal Point to host a party featuring 3 products from InStyler!!!

The three products I will be receiving are:

TULIP Auto Curler

Great for Soft Curls, Beachy Waves and Striking Tight Curls

MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron

Preferred for Straightening, Volume, Shine, Controlling Frizz, Texture and Speed; Can be used for Texture and Waves

Ionic Styler Pro

Hot Brush for Smoothing and Ceramic Flat Iron for Straightening All in One

My package has been shipped and I should receive it on Monday. 
(Side note: My 14 year old daughter is WAY more excited than me to get this package. She has been asking every day where it is!!)
I can't wait to post some before and after pics. My hair is pretty lifeless and straight, so I have high hopes that these products will completely change my look. I have heard great things about InStyler, so I am so ready to give it a try.

Would you like to receive the perks of being a Vocal Point member? Head on over and sign up today!

Disclaimer: Vocal Point is providing me with these three products from InStyler.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Popsugar Must Have Special Edition Summer Box

I can't believe Popsugar came out with not one but TWO special edition boxes in less than 3 months! Yes, I did partake in both of them. And unlike the spring box, this one seemed to ship super fast, even before they said it would!

Here is what was in the box:

Now for a closer look:

One of my favorite items in this box is the Horn Necklace from Soixante Neuf Jewels by Joie Jager. I never really wore gold jewelry until I started getting Popsugar boxes. Now I wear it all the time and feel quite trendy! I love the turquoise and gold together. I may have to go shopping and find a shirt just to match this! Retail value: $155

I love, love, love these little glasses! They will make a perfect compliment to my already mis-matched glassware collection. They feel very high quality and will make awesome juice glasses. They are from Sisters of Los Angeles called City Rock glasses, and they made this design exclusively for Popsugar! They have to be hand washed. Retail value: $45

The next item is a CUTE little pouch/purse. It is so summery looking! I can't wait to transfer all my stuff and carry it around! I do wish it had a strap, so I may try to put one on it (or get my Mom to!!), but it is so cute that I will definitely use it. The design is New Hanging Palm and it is from Samudra. Retail value: $60

I tried the Ocean Mist by Sachajuan this morning. It is supposed to give you "beach hair" and I found that it did indeed do as promised. Now if I could only get to the beach...  Oh and this smells fantastic!
 Retail value: $18

I love lip crayons, so the Tarte Lipsurgence Power Pigment is right up my alley. The color will be great for summer, too! Retail value: $24
 There was also a Tarte Cheek Stain in the color Tipsy. I am not sure I will use the cheek stain, so it will probably end up being gifted. $30

Popsugar usually includes a food item and this time they put Eliunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the box. I'm certain this will be a good addition to my cooking collection. I could not find this sold individually, so I am estimating the ARV based on the package prices. Retail value: $15

Overall this was a great box. I come up with a total value of $347! Wowsers! That is an awesome deal for $100!

You, too, can subscribe to Popsugar! Just CLICK HERE and sign up. The normal boxes are $39.99/month and get a little cheaper if you buy more months at once. Make sure you use code REFER5 to get $5 off your first box.

*Note: This blog post contains a referral link

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Givewaway! Bob Siemon Sterling Silver True Love Waits Ring


Enter with the Rafflecopter below to win:

Bob Siemon Sterling Silver True Love Waits Ring Size 8

ARV $29.99

This ring promotes the message "True Love Waits" and reminds teens to remain pure until marriage. Give it to someone or wear it for yourself!

Sterling Silver, Size 8

Giveaway begins 6/5/2014 ends 6/12/2014 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Free Neti Pot from NeilMed

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If you are a sinus or allergy sufferer, this will work wonders! My family and I have been using one for several years. If you are stuffy, it will provide immediate relief. My teenage kids even ASK to use it! It works without harsh medicine.

Get a free one from NeilMed. All you have to do is take a short quiz (if you get a wrong answer, it will show you the right one!)

Freebies Sites

I have several "go-to" sites when I am looking for freebies and good deals. I have gotten a TON of free samples, full-size products, coupons, and smoking hot deals!

Below are a couple of my favorites:

I also "Like" many brand of Facebook because it is trendy for them to post freebies for their FB followers.

Happy Hunting!

P&G Everyday Coupons and Samples

Sign up with P&G Everyday to receive a ton of coupons and sometimes samples from your favorite P&G products!

I have been a member for years and have received hundreds of $$ in coupons and LOTS of samples!

Jergens Natural Glow Sweepstakes

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JERGENS Natural Glow Golden Grab Bag Give Away
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Popsugar Must Have May 2014

Yes, it's my favorite subscription box! Actually the only subscription box I am currently subscribed to. I have tried others, but none (so far) can hold a candle to Popsugar, at least not for that price.

Behold....the Popsugar Must Have box for May 2014!!

Ahhh, the smell of summer. The beach, flowers, sand.... This is the scent of Smellbent by St. Tropez. To me, this scent embodies summer and as I am getting ready to be on my summer break from school, this scent makes me extremely joyous! When I first saw photos of this product online, I was a little disappointed because of how the bottle looked. I thought it would be a plastic spray bottle. However, it turned out to be a glass bottle that feels like quality. This perfume retails for $45/50 mL.

I have been wanting to try an infuser bottle and now I will have my chance with the Citrus Zinger bottle from Zing Anything. I will try it with lemons and oranges as it says but I will also try it with my favorite fruit, strawberries! It will be great for taking on outings this summer. Retails for $16.99 and apparently there is a high demand for these because their website says to allow 14 days for processing.

A sleep mask? I probably will never wear this.Actually, I will likely not ever take this out of the package.  I have absolutely no trouble falling asleep at night; as soon as my head hits the pillow I am out. There are a few items that I have gotten over the past two years that I will just not use or don't like (not many, though!). I usually regift, I have never actually sold anything I have gotten from Popsugar. It's not that I don't like money, but I do love to see reactions when I just give away some high end item. I will probably bless someone else with this mask. This Luxury Sleep Mask from Kerry Cassill retails for $24.

 Probably the coolest thing about this next item is the name. I am referring to a cool blue color of nail polish by Obsessive Compulsive called Pool Boy. I love it! It will look great with my flip flops. Pool Boy by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics $10. The color is richer than the picture shows; it is more of a light turquoise meets sky blue. It will be very nice on my toes! I have been wanting to try "tie dye" nails, and I think this color mixed with a couple of more would look great.

Yummy! That is the word to describe Hi I'm Skinny Sticks in Sweet Onion. Very tasty indeed! And with a fraction of the fat and calories of regular chips. The only problem with this is eating too many! ARV $3.00

To compliment the Sweet Onion Skinny Sticks, Popsugar included a workout DVD, One Day Fat Blast by Tone It Up. I have really been trying to get outside more since the weather is nice, but maybe I'll give it a shot. If I like it well enough, I will donate to my friend who owns a gym because it is much more fun and motivating to workout with a group. ARV $10

The last item I will tell you about is a peace offering from Popsugar regarding the shipping mishaps with the Special Edition Resort Box. I had absolutely no problems, in fact, I was one of the first ones to receive a box. I guess Popsugar wanted to play nice and give everyone a little gift who ordered the box. It is Anti-Aging Lip Spread from vbeaute ($19). It is a nice pink color on my lips and feels very smooth. Thank you, Popsugar, for the extra treat!

Once again, I am very pleased with this box and will use every item (except for the sleep mask). 

Want your own box?

Head on over to Popsugar and sign up!

Use the code REFER5 and save $5 off your first box.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Popsugar Must Have Summer Special Edition Box 2014

Popsugar has just announced its Special Edition Summer box! I'm so excited. I LOVE special edition boxes.

Not only that, but with the trouble Popsugar had with the Resort box a month ago, I bet they will try to redeem themselves with a fantastic summer box!

Here is more info from Popsugar about this box:

Escape the ordinary with our Special Edition Summer box
Indulge in luxurious Must Have finds curated by our editors
$100 with free shipping; limited quantities available
Ships by June 7

I wouldn't wait too long to order, though, because quantities are limited. This special edition box costs $100 with free shipping. No spoilers have been released so far.

Want to sign up for a subscription? $39.99/month with free shipping.

Use code REFER5 and get $5 off your first regular subscription box!

Sign up here: Popsugar Must Have

Monday, May 5, 2014

Turning 40, the End or Just the Beginning?

Yes, it is about to happen. I only have a few more days left to officially be in my 30's. Yikes! Does it count that I still feel 23 inside? 

I could freak out. I could have a mid-life crisis, driving my husband to the brink of insanity. I could cry and throw a fit.

Or I could look at my life as it sits and ponder about where I have come from, where I am going, and the journey that will take me there.

I feel like I have accomplished a lot during my first 40 years here on earth. Are there things I haven't done? Sure. If there were not, then I guess I'd be dead. I remember when I turned 30 and was unsettled about no longer being 20-something, my mother said, "Well it's better than the alternative!". And she was right. I have done a LOT of living and gone through plenty of life changes in the past 10 years.

I met my now-husband when I was 33. That meeting is a definite positive! He has really changed my life, my perspective on things. I am in such a better place now that when we first met. My kids are now 14 and 17, and becoming adults quickly (too quickly for my taste), and I am very pleased with the way they have turned out. I am working in a local high school as the librarian and I absolutely LOVE my job. I guess you can say I'm in a pretty grand place right now.

One thing I am really liking about being this age is that I really could care less what people think. I can do my own thing without worry what this one or that is going to say. I can go to the store without make-up or fixing my hair. I can wear comfortable shoes like I don't have a care in the world! Yes, I do like to look fashionable and trendy (no "mom" jeans for me!!!), but I can go for slouchy on Saturday mornings without caring if someone sees me.

Yes, I'm getting some wrinkles and yes, I've got a few gray hairs. Would I want to go back to my 20's? No way! I can buy eye cream and hair color.

I will move into my 40th decade gracefully and with a smile on my face (along with a few "laugh lines"). Hello, 40, here I come!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Popsugar Must Have Box ORDER NOW $10 Off!

Been wanting to try Popsugar's Must Have box? Try it today and receive $10 off your first box!

Just create a new account on Popsugar's website and enter code BOX10 at checkout.

If you haven't tried Popsugar's Must Have Box, it's worth a shot. Shipping is free and your first box will only be $29.99 with the code. Every box I have received (been with them since 2012) has been over $100 in value. I use the products from past boxes daily!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Popsugar Must Have Special Edition Resort Box

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The long anticipated Popsugar Must Have Resort Box.

With all it's shipping controversy.

Here it is:

And I have to say that I love every item  included in the box! From the taffy to the towel, it's all good stuff.

The Sisco Berluti Bracelet Stack is absolutely beautiful! This will be a piece I will love wearing. It's funny because I never wore gold jewelry until Popsugar came along. Now I have several nice pieces of jewelry from them, all in gold, and I feel quite stylish! I couldn't find the exact set on Sisco Berluti's website, but some similiar sets sell for $176! 

I have never had a Turkish towel before, come to think of it, I had never heard of a Turkish towel before either! That is one thing I love about Popsugar, finding awesome new products. This towel is so soft and light and made from a 50/50 blend of cotton and bamboo. I think it will be great this summer for taking to the pool or beach. I can't wait for summer to get here so I can use it. Since it is so light, it can easily fold up and not take up much room in a bag. This Cuyana Turkish Towel retails for $55. I can probably even fit this towel in my suitcase when I go to Germany this summer. I don't know if I will need a blanket on the plane, but I think this towel would work nicely!

I love, love, love trying new body wash! Some could even say that I have a slight addiction. That is why I was super excited when I saw the Epicuren Discovery Tropical Lave body wash. It smells so nice! As soon as my current body wash runs out, I will definitely be using this. Popsugar sent a generous 8.4 oz. tube, which retails for $24.

Popsugar included a clutch in this box from R.B. of McD. They sent out two different colors, a tan/navy and an all navy. I got the all navy one. The upper part is canvas and the lower part is leather. This will come in very handy for carrying small items or for putting into a larger bag (cell phone and wallet inside beach bag). This one was made exclusively for Popsugar, so I'm not sure of a price. An all leather one of the same size retails for $180. I will value this one at $100. 

In the winter I need extra moisture for my face and skin, but when warm weather comes around my skin looks oily if I wear anything too heavy. That's why this next product is so great. Clark Botanical's Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist goes on so lightly and smells so nice. This product will be great to add just the right amount of moisture without weighing me down. And it has anti-aging properties for my nearly 40-year-old skin. Hooray! I really do love this product even after only a few uses. This travel size costs $28.

OK, blue and gold eyeliner? Perhaps I will feel brave soon and use the Santigolden Age: Double-Ended Limitless Eyeliner from Smashbox. I have seen some good looks with this online and I will probably try it soon. This eyeliner retails for $24.

Finally, a little snack to help get through the day. Salty Road Salt Water Taffy in Salty Caramel Apple. I brought this to school with me today because if I open it at home I will likely eat it all. If I share, maybe I will stop at one or two pieces! Retails for $6.50

Overall, this is a completely fantastic and wonderful box. I will definitely use and enjoy every item inside. The value I have come up with for this box is $413.50! That is amazing considering the price of the box was $100.

Regular Popsugar boxes are only $39.99 with free shipping. The value of the regular boxes is usually over $100, so it is always a great deal.

If you want your own Popsugar box, CLICK HERE to sign up. Use the code REFER5 for $5 off your first box!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cheetos Easter Egg Hunt IWG (ends 4\20\14)

They are giving away lots of great prizes. Ends April 20, 2014. Good Luck!
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Limit ten (10) Plays per day per person/email address. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I've gotten word that this code no longer works! You can use REFER5 and still get $5 off your first box, though.

Now get your first Popsugar box for HALF PRICE!

Use code CHANNEL7 and get your first box for only $19.99. This is an AWESOME deal!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Popsugar Must Have Sign On Bonus!

Have you been toying with the idea of signing up for Popsugar's Must Have box? If so (or even if the thought has just occurred to you), have I got a deal!

For a limited time, every person who signs up for a Popsugar Must Have box using my referral link will receive a surprise health/beauty product in the mail from Beauty4Divas!

Also, right now you can use the code REFER5 and get $5 off your first box. What a deal, a coupon code and a freebie from me!

You can choose to sign up for a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription. Hey, if you don't like it after one month, you can cancel.

Just sign up using this link: http://popsu.gr/pyfF

Then send your name and complete mailing address to my email: rebeccamarietta@gmail.com

Please note: You MUST use the same name for the freebie that you use to sign up for Popsugar (it's the only way I can confirm that you actually signed up).

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Popsugar Must Have March 2014

I didn't think this box would EVER get here! We had an ice storm the first full week of March, which was when my latest Popsugar Must Have box was shipped. I guess all the ice delayed the shipment, but it seemed like it took forever to get here!

Nonetheless, it finally arrived last Wednesday. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed what was inside this box. In my opinion, it is the best box in a while from Popsugar (hey, my blog, my opinion)

If you will notice in the box, there is one package that is obviously gaping open. The reason for this unsightlyness is due largely to the fact that I was starving when the box came and upon seeing a snack that actually fit in with my diet I tore open the package and went to town.

The product I am referring to is in no way the most expensive or exclusive item in the box, but it was the most tasty!  Harvest Snapea Crisps. They are unbelievably tasty! Healthy, too. It seems they run about $2.25/bag.

Since we're on the subject of food, I will now move on to the strawberry bar. If there is any fruit that I absolutely love, it is strawberries. Nature's Bakery Strawberry Fig Bar is amazing. I ate it for breakfast and it was very filling along with being delicious. I may have to make a purchase! You can get these for $7.50/12 pack on Amazon as an add-on item.

Now, getting past the food, I will show my favorite item. Let me just say that I LOVE the Brokedown scarf from another box. It is my favorite scarf to wear. I was so excited to see ANOTHER Brokedown scarf! And one I can wear in the spring because it is very light and looks like a watercolor painting. The Brokedown Blue Ikat Scarf sells for $72 on Brokedown's website.

This is the 2nd month in a row that Popsugar has included a facial serum. The facial serum last month was a bit too oily for my skin, but this one is just right. It has a nice scent, too. Jurilique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum retails for $54 on their website.

The next two items were of great interest to my 14 year old daughter. She put on the Lucky Horseshoe Necklace from Dogeared this morning and told me that she made a wish. She will be ecstatic when the charm falls off. $30.00  And she took off with the cute little elephant ring holder saying that she was going to put her "baubles" on it's trunk. The Baublebar Elephant Tree Ring, so cute for $12.00 (sold out at present).

The last item I will tell you about is the exercise ball. I go to the gym quite frequently, but I have never seen an exercise ball this small without weights. I will have to do some reading to find out just what kind of exercises are best with this ball. The ActiveForever Fusion Exercise Ball can be purchased for $9.95 from the ActiveForever website. Until I figure out what to do with this ball, I guess hubby can play with it in his recliner!

In my opinion, this was an excellent box. In fact, the best box Popsugar has put out in a while. I or my family members will enjoy every item inside! In addition to this being an awesome box, I get the value somewhere in the $180 range!

Want your own? Get one here
Use code MARCH10 for $10 off your first box!