Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nearing 40, Thinking About My Hopes and Dreams

In the very short span of 2 months, I will reach that pinnacle of life known as "The 40's". Yes, it makes me nervous. Yes, it makes me ponder about my life.

What have I NOT done? I have a mental list of what I have not done and it seems to be longer than I'd like.

AHHHHH, half my life is over and I've still got SO MUCH I want to do!

Another time I will make a list, but right now I want to think about art. Once upon a time I was an Art Major in college. I loved art, considered myself an artist. But then I switched to Education, then became a Librarian, had two kids, etc. etc. etc.

My art? It has been dormant for going on 20 years! Ack!

I really want to have a pottery studio. I would like to give classes at night and on the weekends. My problem? Always $$$$.

I came across this cool website called fundly.com where you can set up a personal fundraiser. I thought, what the heck? Someone might help me with my pottery studio dream! If you'd like to donate, please do so below. If not, positive thoughts for my art dream are appreciated! If you'd like to share this on your social network, that would be awesome!