Thursday, July 19, 2012

Woolite Dark Care

Crowdtap is great because of the products you get to try. In the past few weeks, they sent me a whole boxful of Woolite Dark Care samples to share with my friends. I began my sample share at my house when we had a couple over. The woman and I started talking about laundry detergent for some reason (is this what grown women find interesting???) and I showed her the Woolite samples. She was very interested and took a sample. I continued my sample share the next day as I had a meeting with other librarians in my school district. As we broke for lunch, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some of my Woolite samples. I brought out the samples from the box that I had put beside my purse. Some of the others said they had been wondering what was in that box all morning. Isn't suspense great? They all took a sample home and will hopefully love the product and use the coupon included in the packet.


Want to join Crowdtap and have these sampling opportunities? You can also have chances to have house parties and receive cool products, as well as answering questions and participating in discussions and accumulating points you can exchange for gifts and giftcards.  

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