Friday, January 11, 2013

Teen Time Cravebox

I went to take pictures of the Teen Time Cravebox and this is all I saw:

Apparently a 13 year old girl is not interested in a paper insert or a coupon because that is all that was left when I got to the box.

Upon further investigation, I learned that there was indeed more in the box. I based this thought on the fact that my daughter was furiously chewing gum and her lips were extra shiny, all the while asking me what Vitamin E oil is. It was then that I said, "hey! The gig is up, girlie, now let's see what was in your box!"

The vitamin E question stemmed from a bottle of Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin Care oil. It seems to have multiple uses, from facial moisturizing to reducing scars. 

The chewing was a result of the ID gum, obviously very tasty and teenager-friendly. Also included was a coupon to buy one get one free.

My daughter absolutely loves the Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Pink Parfait lip gloss. Every time I look in my rearview mirror in the car, she is reapplying. The color is very non-assuming, perfect for a teen!

The Schick Intuition Tropical Moisturizing Razor was also a big hit, since smooth shaved legs are a priority for my teen.

Finally, there was a sample size bottle of Pantene Moisture Whip styler. This is like a mousse, but it also moisturizes the hair. 

Overall, I have to say the Teen Time Cravebox was a huge hit. My daughter is always excited when I get a Cravebox, so it was very exciting for her to get her own. I do hope Cravebox will do more boxes like this.

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