Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday Deals 2013

Are you feeling brave? Courageous? A little crazy?

Then perhaps you will indulge in a little of the madness we have all come to know as Black Friday. Just the name strikes fear in my heart! Personally, I have no intention of getting out in 20 degree weather to wait in line, get pushed around by people trying to get the deal of the year, waiting in checkout lines bigger than my hometown. I will most likely be nestled at home with a hot cup of coffee partaking in Black Friday online.

However, if you plan on going out in the wee hours of the night to get those deals, more power to you and God speed! Here are some deals to help you plan:

WalMart is promising more deals and you can even reserve your spot for a particular product with a wristband:

You can get deals today at Target:

Black Friday actually starts on Thursday (otherwise known to some as Thanksgiving) at some stores:

Whether you decide to brave the cold and the crowds or choose to stay home, warm and snuggly, I hope you get some great deals!