Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kroger and Coupons?

A few months ago, Kroger changed their coupon policy citing new lower prices in exchange for previously doubling coupons and accepting manufacturer coupons on top of digital coupons.

Now all coupons are accepted at "face value".

The store also has the right to refuse any coupon that will not scan.

The "refusal" rule brings me to my story at hand....

Last Sunday I took my 13 year old daughter on a couponing excursion (hey, teach them young!). We first went to Walgreens where we looted $68 worth of HBA for only $30 (not my personal best, but definitely nothing to sneeze at). Walgreens had absolutely no problems with any of my coupons which had been cut from the newspaper. Next we went to Kroger. I didn't really have many coupons for Kroger, but I had a few that I wanted to use. I had about 4 digital coupons loaded on my Kroger card and about 5 manufacturer's coupons. My daughter and I carefully checked each item to make sure it was for what the coupon said. I am not a novice when it comes to couponing!

When I went to check out, all of the digital coupons worked by only ONE of my manufacturer coupons would scan! The checker handed me the coupons back and said she couldn't take them because they wouldn't scan. I was a little upset because there were items that I would not have bought without the coupons. She asked if I wanted to take the items off, but there was a line forming behind me and I didn't want to make everyone wait for just a few items. I just paid. I said to the checker, "So I guess ya'll aren't taking coupons from the paper anymore."

"Yes," she answered, "but only ones that scan."

I looked for a manager but none was around. This will make me think twice before shopping at Kroger. If I had clipped more coupons and had a ton of stuff in my shopping cart, I would have been WAY more irritated and angry, as would the people behind me because I would have made them remove everything I bought with a coupon.

Long story short, I will not be going back to Kroger to use coupons because I have better things to do with my time than carefully find items to match my coupons only to have them not work at the register.

I'm very disappointed in Kroger to say the least.

Any comments about Kroger and their coupon policy?