Tuesday, October 2, 2012


A kid at Christmas...that's what I feel like tonight. I have three emails, each with tracking numbers for packages that are on their way to my house. Popsugar's Must Have Bag comes all the way from California so I know it takes a while to get here, but I sure do hate to wait! I just know it will be filled with all sorts of goodies and I can't wait until it gets here. Fedex Smart Post has got to be THE slowest shipping method out there, but I'm sure it's the cheapest which helps me get better deals, I guess.

I also got chosen to receive Cravebox's Book Lovers box and it is on its way as well. It only comes from Missouri so it usually doesn't take as long to get here. Hopefully I will get it tomorrow or the next day. I also got an email saying my Sample Society box had shipped today via UPS. 

I guess for the next few days it will seem like my birthday around here. Yay, me!!! It may be childish to love getting these surprises every month, but hey, life would be boring without treats every now and then.